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Insurance made easy by Car Insurance Adviser.


If you are the driver of a car you are required by law to have car insurance.

Motor vehicle insurance is a complex area, with dozens of different insurers and hundreds of policies to choose from. It can be time consuming and stressful working out which level of cover and policy would be right for you.

Car Insurance Adviser - we explain the ins and outs of insuring your vehicle.



We offer tips, general advice and practical guides to help you chose the right level of cover, and save on your insurance.

You can find out everything you need to know about insuring your vehicle by reviewing our guides.

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes.


Online quotes can be baffling, particularly when you don't understand the complicated insurance terms used. Our jargon buster of common terms helps you fully understand your online quote.

Review our insurance advice prior to making an online insurance comparison. Find out what you need to know to ensure you end up with the right cover at the the right price.

Be aware that insurers standard cover can vary a great deal. What one insurer offers as standard, may be charged as an optional extra by another. Knowing what questions to ask and what to look out for when requesting and reviewing a quote is crucial.

Insurance costs.


The price of motor insurance varies enormously, and there many factors that may influence the premium you are charged.

Insurers will consider:


  • Your age.
  • Your driving experience.
  • Any disability you may have.
  • Past accident record.
  • Past motoring offences.
  • Your vehicle type.
  • Where you live.
  • Where you park your car.
  • Whether you use your car for work.

Ensure when you apply for an insurance quote you have all this information to hand as it can speed up the process.

Car Insurance Adviser -  we provide answers to all your vehicle insurance queries.
Insurance quotes

Insurance quotes

When asking for car insurance quotes there are a few basic rules to follow to ensure you are asking for adequate cover.


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